Monday, April 03, 2017

Reading matters

Cyndi LAUPER - very good bio
Winter Sun - Enjoyable
While we were Watching Downton Abbey - fun
The Meaning of Grace - couldn't get into it
Cuckoo - weird
Where's Sailor Jo - another I could't get into
Big House & Night Stages - still to read
No 4 Imperial - couldn't get into it
The House on Honeysuckle Lane - easy read
Before I go to sleep - half-way through - a bit weird
Outlandish Companion Vol 1 - loving it (used my gift card from the lady that I rent from - so its mine to dip into, vol 2 on its way here.) 


PerthDailyPhoto said...

So what happens when you can't get into a book Angie, do you let it go. I very rarely don't finish a book, it has to be spectacularly bad :)

Angie said...

Yes, I let it go after about a chapter. If it doesn't work for me there are always others (probably why I get so many out!