Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clouds but no rain - potplants surviving.

Once again absolutely stinking hot, humid, no sea breeze – 6.40pm & it’s still 36deg!!! Don’t know how much more we can take!!! My plants seem to be surviving! What a contrast to the other side of Oz .

Just ordered from the library a couple of book by Geraldine Brooks. Have finished reading ‘Mrs Fytton’s Country Life’ by Mavis Cheek, so many mistakes (needed a good proof reader). Now reading ‘Boy Soldiers of the Great War’ by Richard Van Emden, taken from diaries, letters etc. Not joyful reading but very interesting. In contrast to Grandfather William Beck who took ten years off his age, these boys added four or five. “Killed in action August 1916, aged 16.”

On a lighter note I just have to share this from a postcrosser I had to send a card to:

“Hello! How are you?
I am 23 years old and alive in the center of Barcelona.
I like to take a walk and to lose me by the streets,I like to play like a small boy, like me to be with my girl, I like to see rain from my window, and also notice rain on my skin. Barcelona is a very pretty city, and I will not deny that also I like.

It enchants to me to receive postal, and if they can be amused, far better
If you are not from English-speaking country, please write anywhere or other nice words in your own language. That will be so exciting to see other languages, and please write the date!”

Today I received a fabulous black & white card of an Escher still life & a delightful handmade card from Sweden.

Still very hot inside & out. Off now to have a cool salad…..

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