Monday, December 29, 2008

Hot weather & bread

Not too much mess to clear up, swimming lessons for the kids going on. Two people were fishing from the reef into the lagoon, had a go at them but they didn’t stop. So many fish hooks have been found in the water that it won’t be long before someone really gets badly hurt. Weather warming up, 39ยบ on 1.1.09. That’s hot!!

I made some bread today, recipe adapted from ‘rosemary damper’ as I added fresh tomato juice instead of water. Taste is excellent (could do with more rosemary & maybe add garlic) but it is more like a cake or scone. Lot of washing up - juicer (5 bits), grinder, bowl, sieve, measuring spoon & baking tin. All worth it. Hot bread & butter mmmmmmmm.

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Sam said...

Oh yum!
When will summer be over?????