Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wondrous Bounty from Yanchep Paradise

Take one pumpkin,

cut it into pieces,

steam or boil with or without skin on, mush it all up,

and you have two lots of soup, pumkin mush to freeze for another day,
enough left to make pumpkin scones. But what do I do to the seeds?

Lots of things to do with pumkins at


Caroline said...

Grow more pumpkins???!! Soup looks yummy.

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh you're making me drool - that's the one thing I cannot find over here, a good old Australian Blue pumpkin!!! Maybe I'll have to smuggle some seeds in and grow them in my own garden.

Angie said...

Maybe I should send you some embedded in a jar of vegemite. Where is here, exactly?