Sunday, July 19, 2009

Talking ‘bout BOOKS

Good night Frank, thanks for the memories.

Still wading through ‘Captain C’ do wish I could hurry up & finish it! Methinks he uses an excessive quantity of elongated vocabulary ie: too many long words.
And then I arrived at page 356 where the good doctor explains that “ we all use every long word that we know as often as we possibly can, …”.
I started to look some of them up in the dictionary but gave up very quickly as it was taking up too much time (I guess I’m not as intelligent as I thought!) I will see it through to the end & then maybe get the DVD out.
Other books I am wanting to read are –
‘Gardening in your Nightie’ by Helen Yemm,

‘Vegemite Vindaloo’ by David McMahon his blog

‘Winds of War’ by Herman Wouk

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Anonymous said...

Gardening In Your Nightie - inspired title, I love it!