Saturday, June 26, 2010

Plotting for a Food Garden week 38

Next door asks "Please cut trees down"
I cringe when my landlord agrees, at the same time know that it will do them good to have a trim. Luckily the tree man knows what he is doing, but all the same I shudder.
A few hours later and this is now my view!!!!!

Tomorrow morning more of the same. I will be out there chanting "Grow, grow grow".
Very cold last 24hrs, ice on the bird bath but my spinach is OK.


Stephanie V said...

I can relate to the shock of so much light over the fence. They will grow but it's always so slow when you'd like to have those leaves back. Will it grow at all during the winter?

Angie said...

The tree guy thinks buds will appear in about 3 weeks. Sooner the better as the view is not pretty!