Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Web Site

Would like to know what you all think but most importantly does it work.

How do I now get people to the site, could it work for my digital art or should I join Etsy, Zazzle or Red Bubble? Your comments would be much appreciated.


kyles said...

oh wow, what a cool idea Ang...love them :) I have a friend who sells on red bubble and another few friends who sell on etsy, I've not much experience since I used to sell jewellery on ebay years ago, but what about your local tourist information centre or community centre?

Mo said...

I found zazzle a waste of time and cancelled my account with them. Let me know how the one you are with works out

Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi Angie - thanks for stopping by :)

Not all that familiar with zazzle and I've never heard of red bubble, but I do have an etsy shop and it works pretty good for the things I sell.

Your post cards are beautiful.

Stephanie V said...

Your new site looks good. One small edit in the title...correct the spelling of 'calender'. It's right everywhere but there.
Having said that, I wonder if Etsy - or another retail site - might not be better? It would give you the exposure to people who are looking to buy. And it would take care of the money part in a secure way and give convenience to your buyers.

Just as a display site though it looks nice.