Sunday, August 22, 2010

Talking 'bout Books & Shadow Shot Sunday #118

Australia is facing its first hung parliament in 70 years after a night of vote-counting failed to deliver a majority to either prime minister Julia Gillard or her challenger Tony Abbott. So what to do today? Suggest they toss a coin? Play Two-up? Go for a walk? Do some gardening? Fly around the world on computer?

Maybe just lie around in the sun being sprinkled with rainbows?
Read some books?

It's all a bit of a laugh really except that it's not funny!!
Maybe this is how the rest of the world see Australia.

So what have I decided to do? Make bread by pushing a few buttons, put the car in the sun ('cause the wind is cold and so is the house) and read the book I keep forgetting to read.


J Bar said...

Interesting shadow shot.

Ralph said...

The bedroom seems like a sun washed gallery with the white walls and the angular shadow intruding. A good read is the best way to pass the time...

Stephanie V said...

That's really amazing to have no winner in the vote. How often does that happen? Anywhere?

The rainbow sprinkles sound so whimsical - and then there's Tess Gerritson. A good read but not whimsical. Enjoy your improvised reading conservatory.

Sam said...

I wonder who they will hang first? Hope it's Tony!