Saturday, October 09, 2010

Plotting for a Food Garden week 53

Young Kookaburra, sitting on (next doors) nasty fence instead of the beautiful old gum tree. Keeps getting chased by Wattle birds.

New tricks for the new plot. White cabbage butterfly cut from milk cartons staking out their territory & using picnic spoons as a means of lifting out little seedlings (handles marked with seedling name).


Stephanie V said...

That spoon looks like a great idea! What do the cabbage moth cutouts deter?

Anonymous said...

love your imagesxx you asked about is a council run site, we are not allowed to take anything from it, they sell it on to others!!! years ago we the public were allowed to take the stuff but since it was "given over' to a private company..we are locked out. A real shame!!xxlynda

miss~nance said...

I would be very interested in your cut out white butterfly works. we have put in 6 rather large vegie beds this year.

I am a fellow blogtoberfest participant & am finding my way around all the blogs (hopefully). Tis a fabulous way to find new blogs.

Would love you to visit mine



Sheila said...

I had no idea that cabbage whites were either so international nor that they could be deterred by cut-outs. So interesting.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I'm just starting to recover from the deluge of visits and comments! :)