Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #144

In other places in Australia they have to cope with crocodiles, snakes & sharks. Here in Yanchep Lagoon we have stingers (jellyfish) small & transparent they can spoil a swim.
Lots of super shadows here.


Cassie said...

Ouch! When I first started SCUBA diving I remember hearing that Australia had more dangerous sea creatures than anywhere else. AND also the most beautiful underwater life!! Neat ShadowShot!

Belle said...

My sister was bit by one in California, it was so painful she quit going to the beach.

mississippi artist said...

Terrible things, jellyfish-but better than a crocodile! Good shot!

Anonymous said...

Great sign and shadow! Here in Vancouver there are few things to worry about in our local water, except that its very cold for a good part of the year. A few more months need to pass before we begin beach season...:)