Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

I appear to be having some trouble with my pics! Not sure what to do, I had to delete Shadow Shot Sunday. If you see more than 1 image of the same view please let me know (thanks GH & Mickie). Also Blogger is not letting me see some of the other blog pics (like 'Work of the Poet')
Hope you all have better luck than me.


forgetmenot said...

Hope you get it all worked out. Nice RED mailbox. Mickie :)

Robin said...

I'm just seeing one bright red post box :). Blogger's a pain like that sometimes. Hopefully they've got it sorted by now.

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Scarlett the Heavenly Healer said...

I've had loads of posting problems in the last couple of weeks. Blogger gone mad.... again!

Stephanie V said...

What a nuisance. I see one image only. Hope it all works out soon with seeing our pics.