Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time to read?

Very little time to read this week. 
Monday: Shopping while art was delivered to Wanneroo Art Award.

 Tuesday: IT RAINED!!! Fire truck at Compass Circle for over an hour (no smoke to be seen!)
 Wednesday: Helping people with Genealogy all day.

 Thursday: Went to workshop on jewellery making from found objects by Helena Bogucki.
Made this from a lace doily + buttons, beads & a coin.

Thursday: Found 'Honey' wandering around the street. Put her out the back & rang up to find out who the owner was, she did have a registration number tag. Her owner picked her up very quickly.

 Tonight there is a meeting for the Yanchep/Two Rocks Art & Culture Group.
Tomorrow: Mahjong in the afternoon and the opening of Wanneroo Art Award.
Maybe the W/E will be more layed back!


Mo said...

What a busy week

Shiju Sugunan said...

Incidentally, I am also reading Dawkins' book.