Saturday, June 09, 2012


Yesterday as I was doing my daily trivia quiz I came across this question: 'Which "Cadbury's Chocolate" did Frank Muir advertise singing to "The Nutcracker Suite"? I had no recollection of this ad but thought Fruit & Nut was the answer. Yes, I was correct!
15 hours later I was reading yet another book by Nigal Slater ' Eating for England' (I do so love his writing) & there it was a whole paragraph on Cadbury's Fruit & Nut.


Stephanie V said...

How can you ignore such explicit instructions from the Universe? Go get a Fruit & Nut bar...quick!

Found art blog said...

Ah, now, that reminds me!! I remember the ad but didn't know it was a ballet until I went to SEE the ballet!! and started singing the advert while they were dancing!!! Oh joys...!