Thursday, February 05, 2015

Cats I've known

The first cat was when I was very young called Pru (no photo), We had a cat called Sally when the kids were young she had kittens. That was in about 1977.

 Then in the 1980s I met Whiskey & Monster

Whiskey died which left Monster
 I think Glen found him in an ally when he was a kitten! White hairs left on everything.
When I opened New Collectables in East Fremantle there was a stray hanging around
I named him George.
At home at Subiaco Monster died & we went out to Shanton Park Cat Refuge & came back with Ebony & Ivory

The Yin & Yang
I left Subiaco & moved to Fremantle & took Ebony with me.

Then up to Yanchep
then another move up the road
surrounded by stuffed toys! Eb died & I wasn't going to have any more cats!
This next little one turned up & here we go again!

Happy days!!! Sparky is sure keeping me on my toes.


Sam said...

Cats are the best! I'm so glad you have your sweet new companion :-)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

You're as bad as me Angie, in fact now is the only time I've never had a cat... It's only a question of time :) your new family member is very sweet.