Sunday, February 14, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday

Sparky, his toy & a basket - sunset last evening.
This morning while swimming a Life Saver came up to me & said someone had spotted a "two metre shadow the other side of the reef" . As it was SSS it took me a while to realize he meant a 'shark'!!! No I didn't get a shot of it! 

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Sylvia K said...

Ah!! Great! I'm glad you realized it in time!! There has to be better things to play with than a shark!! What a fun/scary one for the day, Angie!! I hope you have another great day!! Enjoy, but stay safe!!! And have a great new week!!

namaki said...

a good thing your cat wasn't having a bath with that shark around ! ;-)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh well that's a wee bit disappointing Angie :) only kidding, I'd rather see Sparky than a shark! Bit scary though!