Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #131 STOP PRESS

Early morning Yanchep Lagoon news.
Abalone Fishing -
State regulations set bag limits and minimum size limits for abalone caught by recreational fishers.
I would also add - don't leave dangerous items laying around and take more care.
Better still, stop all fishing. See more at Sun City News

Another near drowning at the Lagoon this morning.
Two Abalone fishers were taken to hospital this morning.
On a happier note there are some very nice shadows over at Hey Harriet


Belle said...

Well, thank God they didn't die.

Hey Harriet said...

Oh dear! I'm glad all is well! I like your green ambulance! Wish ours were green. Nice shadow shot! Have a super week!

Stephanie V said...

Good shadows in the sand. Do they dive for meat or shells, or both?

Angie said...

From the Sun City News
- Two men, each aged about 25 years old, were found floating facedown on the reef at Yanchep Lagoon about 8.00am this morning, Sunday 21st November.

Yanchep Surf Life Saving Club members, who where setting up for the Sunday patrol and nippers training, quickly swung into action to revive both men.

Both men had a bag of abalone tied to their clothing, and were attempting to swim back to the shore when they got into difficulties.

The Sun City News was told it appeared both men had pannicked and got dragged under the water.

Both men were dragged unconscious from the lagoon and Yanchep Surf Life Saving Club members had to use emergency equipment and resuscutation including heart stimulation to save the two men from becoming fatalities.

Two ambulances attended, taking both men to Joondalup Hospital.

Also from Sun City News -11 Nov, 2010 10:25 AM
The biggest crowd for over five years was at the Yanchep Lagoon for the opening of the 2010 abalone season, last Sunday morning.

All the car parks at the lagoon were over-crowded at 7.00am.

Abalone is in such high demand that recreational fishing for the delicacy is limited to just one hour each Sunday morning for a five week period.

At Yanchep Lagoon, over 500 people took advantage of the low tide to get their bag limit of abalone. Only two Department of Fisheries inspectors were present and most of their time was taken up checking one families catch.

While the inspectors were questioning the family, just about everyone else was able to depart the area without their catch being inspected. A number of passerbys were yelling abuse at the mainly Asian fisher people.

On the first official abalone fishing day, 50 warnings and 15 fines were issued. A further three were issued court summons for offences such as exceeding bag limit and catching under-sized abalone.

One long time Yanchep fisherman told the Sun City News that he believed the Yanchep Lagoon should be closed down for a couple of season to allow the abalone to restock and mimimise reef damage.

On each Sunday during the season, licensed recreational abalone fishers can each take a maximum of 20 legal sized abalone, which measure 60 millimetres or larger. The Department of Fisheries says it’s important for fisherpeople to respect the restrictions in order to sustain the species.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Although , the knife isn't fun if it's not in the right place you do a great capture!
Have a happy day & happ SSS…