Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Wednesday Wotsit

Nice to be featured but the following should have been included.
Angie Beck [formally Farman] Enchouraged by friend and artist Glen d'Hughes she developed a number of abstract images. Together they also produced a series of limited edition prints inspired by the natural beauty of the area. ('Marina' by Beck & Hughes lower left).


Lucy Corrander said...

Such an exciting project. I hope it goes well!

Thank you for your lovely comment at Pictures Just Pictures yesterday.

I hit a crisis this morning.When I went to post today's photo, I found I had reached the limit Blogger allows . . .

So I've set up elsewhere and have a continuation blog called

'Message in a Milk Bottle'.

I've given it a new look but, otherwise, it will be the same - a picture a day.


Stephanie V said...

Congratulations! It's interesting to discover more about you and your work - former and current. I'm honored to follow you.