Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Not good news - update

Two Rocks Road accident.

A 69-year-old British tourist has died after his vehicle collided head-on with a bus in Yanchep this afternoon. The man was initially trapped in his vehicle and later died at the scene. He was driving a Hyundai sedan northbound on Yanchep Beach Road near the intersection of Two Rocks Road when he drifted into the wrong lane and crashed into the Transperth bus. The bus was not in service at the time and had no passengers.


kexkez said...

not good. I know so many people in 2 rocks and yanchep. Not good hearing about this but I want to know who. I'll have to watch the news reports :(

kexkez said...

this is all I've found so far.

A person was trapped in a crash between a bus and a car near Yanchep this afternoon.

It is understood the bus was not in service and had no passengers.

The crash occurred near the intersection of Two Rocks Road and Yanchep Beach Road.
The condition of the people involved is not yet known.

Online news but posted at around 4.41pm so your news is more recent.

Tash said...

I had got to there this afternoon...had to try and explain to the kids what had happened....then we had to drive back to Two Rocks and around in order to get home....40 minutes...instead of a 6 minute drive. Although I am thankful our drive was a safe and uneventful one.

Stephanie V said...

That one doesn't look good. Hope it turns out OK for the people involved.

kexkez said...

sorry to hear what happened Angie. Thanks for letting me know. even though it wasn't a local person who was killed it's still a terrible event to happen. I feel terribly sad for his family :(