Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot stuff!

Nasturtiums taking over. Just a couple of flowers to pop in the salad. Slept late this morning, no leaping out of bed to look after my friends dog (she is recovering from a gall-bladder op as well as now being treated for a duodenal ulcer but is back home). No picking veg (did that yesterday). No shopping to get (have enough to keep going for a week). Will probably try & finish 'A Breath of Snow & Ashes' (only another 84 pages). See you all tomorrow - have a good W/E.


Stephanie V said...

I think I can see one of those flowers. Love nasturtiums but they are such powerful aphid attractors that I don't grow them any more. Sounds like you have a perfect weekend planned. Enjoy!

Ann said...

your leaves look very young. When I have a congested hose, I grind them up and swallow it. It works.