Saturday, July 09, 2011

Vegging out!

Spent most of the day making cream of broccoli soup, pumpkin soup & vegetable stock, now hope to have the enegy to make spinach, beet leaves, pumpkin & fetta filo pie. (only had to buy the pumpkin, the rest of the veg came out of the garden above - not mine!). Cup of tea time.


Lilly said...

I love bream of broccoli soup - got any left over. Now, I must make some today, for your post has made me hungry for soup. The pumpkin soup sounds great - never made that before and the pie delightful - must get moving - Annual AtlanticCade ( Motorbikes/choppers/scooters ) in St. Andrews this weekedn - probably close to 3,000 bikes n people n vendors of all sorts. Some fun time coming up. love to browse, especially the bikes that are made by owners - so beautiful. Have a great day. Lilly

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Perfect weather for soup Angie, with some crusty bread, yummy. Home grown veggies are the best.

Stephanie V said...

That sounds like a lovely supper you're going to have. Beets are becoming very popular in our restaurants now. It's about time.