Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monday Mellow Yellows

Have to do this tonight as power off tomorrow - while someone tries to fix this stupid mistake - power pole now in road!!!.

On another note here is one of the postcards to be given away FREE next W/E.
There is a 2nd hand one on sale at Ebay for $20

It's a very strange out there!


Linley S said...

How ya goin Angie, which drongo left the pole in the middle of the road, fair dinkum he must of been blotto.

Angie said...

What a great comment!! Love it :)

Stewart M said...

Preparation and planning!!

Funny shot.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Seriously? Someone made a mistake that big? Wow...hard to believe! Makes for interesting conversation though, doesn't it?