Thursday, October 16, 2014

But wait there's more!!

Not sure what kind of drawers (all 40 of them!) or where they lived before I picked them up at a 2nd hand shop in Fremantle. They are all numbered, thank goodness and just the bottom row have postcards in. The postcards on the right are from all over the world via Postcrossing. The ones on the left are my collection of Avant Cards from 1998-2005 (when I had to STOP there's only so much stuff one can collect!!!) 


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love the drawers Angie, I saw something similar in an antique shop in Guildford on Wednesday, was REALLY tempted, but the price tag helped with that :)Do all those drawers have something in them?

Valerie said...

What a find! I wonder if they were at some point in their life housed in a public library? (My childhood memories of visits to the library included searching through such drawers which contained index cards of all items) Of course, it's so much easier now with computer catalogues, but I enjoyed the nostalgic revisit thanks Angie. (Thank you too for visiting my blog)