Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday

Wild weather!

Flood damage! This is just before the water crept all over the house. 
Hail on the front doorstep. 
I'm sure there were people worse off than this.
Try & get some shadows later!
Just been outside & discovered hail build up 
and this.

The sun came out but didn't dry up all the rain. Did leave a shadow of the back door on damp kitchen floor! 

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Beanie Mouse said...

Holy shit!! Hope the damage wasn't too horrendously awful or expensive...... you OK??!

Angie said...

My landlord/owner is in Bali. Taking forever to mop up but I'm OK - just a bit tired!!! I think all the carpets will have to be replaced, what a nightmare.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh no Angie! It was crazy for a while there. How are you managing, is it drying up, didn't help that today was so wet also. Will you have to move out for a bit ?

Kelly said...

Geez....that is some wild weather, indeed!

Beanie Mouse said...

Did you take tons of photos?? If you did, print them off - landlord could use them for any insurance claim.