Sunday, January 03, 2010

Talking 'bout Books

Began the year by trying 'The God of Small Things' by Arundhati Roy, again and again couldn't get past page 50. Don't know what it is about this book that I can't come to grips with. Is it because of it's 'foreignness'?

So, I have joined the "Typically British Reading Challenge" hosted by Book Chick City. I like to read British fiction and I've never done a challenge before. If anyone wants to join in please see Book Chick City's post for more of the rules and to sign up!

I have started with 'Winter Solstice' by Rosamunde Pilcher & am enjoying an easy read with names & places I am familiar with.

Finished 'Family Ties', very quick read and I'm glad there was a family tree in the front. Enjoyable.

Picked up these two from the side of the road - not to sit in, maybe let climbing plants ramble through. Not even sure if I want to keep them, not the right colour blue. Shabby without the chic!

Hot Sunday morning 9.15, beach at Yanchep filling up fast.


Stephanie V said...

Those chairs are a cool could paint them.

Too bad you didn't like Roy's novel. It's annoying to have put time into something unsatisfactory. I enjoyed it - maybe because I seem to be addicted to Indian writers . We have a number of Indo-Canadian authors as well who write wonderful books. I like the way they use's like music.

Abby Rogers said...

I noticed that you have England listed as one of your interests! Perhaps you would enjoy my new blog:

As often as possible I will post photographs of glorious vistas, charming close-ups, and interesting tidbits of life in Great Britain for the pleasure of Anglophiles everywhere!