Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Wednesday What's It

'Triumph'full meeting with these two 'good guys' who are both volunteers for many organizations (fire, ambulance etc) they also do 'charity runs' so a trip to Lancelin may be on the cards.
While they were cruising on the road I was cruising around the world via Stumble. Came across some weird and wonderful things, like
'sidewalk chalk guy'
Brandon McConnell
Theo Jansen
$10 worth of Sharpie
The Nobel Funk Off (sound on if you like some cool rock.)
Vincent Bousserez - Plastic Life


Stephanie V said...

That 'wind art' is fantastic stiff! Combined with Philip Glass and Yo-yo Ma's music - wow!
Thanks for doing the Stumbling for me.

Stephanie V said...

Oh my! It's fantastic stuff...although it may be a stiff wind blowing them!