Thursday, June 02, 2011

1766 & all that.......

While searching for the STONE family of Northolt on I came across this document dated 15th October 1766.
At a meeting of this Minister. Church Wardens and Principal Inhabitants of the Parish of Northall, it was unanimously agreed that the fences ????? to custom immemorial. Viz: The North and East ??? belong solely to Robert Child Esq of Osterley to repair as Landlord of the Court House, Lord of the Manor Etc.’
Leets...... Downe Barnes - the widow Stone, tenant. 
It goes on to mention Robert Stone of West End, tenant a few times.
Down Barnes, Northolt was where my grandfather was born in 1865. The widow Stone would have been his great, great grandmother!

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Stephanie V said...

I'm imagining your excitement at finding this document. And the headache after squinting through the crabbed writing. It's remarkably clear if difficult to read.