Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Wotsit - flash mobs so much better than planking!


Angie said...

Thanks Stephanie V. I had never heard of 'Flash Mob' until you had it on your blog - Everyone go see at
Can someone tell me how to embed, please!

Liza said...

She looks so happy.

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Stephanie V said...

You're so welcome, Angie! To embed, I just clicked on the black video icon (right next to the image loading icon). Super easy if it's a Youtube vid - just click on that link and then type in your search words. Then choose the correct video. Good luck!

Niamh Griffin said...

Great photo, someone's in a good mood. And thanks for FlashMob links, very funny

Lily said...

Nice "Beach" Flash Mob - have seen it done at a train station, and a shopping mall. Also, last year at our small town Cancer 24 hr relay, 2000 people did it on the middle of the field - I was one of the attending dancers - sooooo much fun to be a part of something like this. Great - thanks for sharing
Lilly - Have a great day