Saturday, June 04, 2011

To buy or not to buy?

I want & need a new (second-hand) car before my little  silver Holden is taken off the road.

This Honda is for sale  (nice colour!) seems to be in good condition.
Need advice, really wanted a smaller car.


Mo said...

Nice colour. I'm not much help for any other car advice.

Lily said...

Morning Angie - Here in Canada, Honda is the way to go. Dependable vehicle - If I were going to buy a used car, I would definately look at Honda's first, if I could find one. I have some friends that have purchased used honda's in the past and they have had great luck with them. Honda's are well made, more than I can say for some of the cheaper vehicles salesmen try to stick you with. Get a vehicle report on it to see if it was in any accidents,etc. Check out the mileage and look for rust - anyway, the Honda vehicles have good name here in Canada. All I can say. Cheers Lilly

Lily said...

Hondas have a real good reputation here in Canada - as long as you change the oil on a regular basis, and the basic maintenance has been done, these cars last forever. This came from my friend that I called. He has a Honda

Stephanie V said...

It is a nice color and that's an important consideration.

I've owned two Hondas and found both to be excellent cars. My daughter also is driving her second Honda now and is quite satisfied. She had a sport ute like the one you've pictured - and wishes she still had it. Very handy for those little yard jobs.

Sherry Goodloe said...

I like a 4-door and this one is nice and compact. Lots of room for other people and stuff you find to purchase along your travels *smiles*. If the price is right - get it!