Thursday, May 22, 2014

Eating out in Yanchep and Two Rocks

Decided to 'do lunch' at Sun City Country Club in Yanchep. Amazing views.
I chose Crumbed Prawns
I've had these before & they are tasty (maybe I should have had something else to try, next time).
My friend ordered Pumpkin & Spinach Lasagna, Chips & Salad.
 It looked O.K. but ......... taste not so good! I believe the Salt & Pepper Squid is good. Will have something else next time - there will be a next time as it is a very pleasant place.
They were setting up for an evening meal.

On another note entirely, I was checking on family history & came across this about my grandmothers sister.   I think the newspaper journalist had fun reporting this in 1892. 

Through the energetic action of Mrs. Arthur Bobbett, wife of a distinguished middle-weight boxer and cab proprietor, a curious question of domestic ethics was discussed before the magistrate at Westminster, the lady in question being the defendant, and Mr Robert Allplush, coffee-house keeper, the complainant. Is a man compelled under the rules of household felicity to ruin his digestion by eating his wife’s cookery, which he does not like? And has a wife the right to demolish the dishes which another cook prepares exactly to his taste? There are limits to the digestive capabilities even of a middleweight boxer and if he prefers a ham-and-egg tea, with bread and butter, to a banquet prepared for him by the partner of his joys and sorrows, he is entitled to enjoy it in peace; for thank heaven ours is still a free country. Mrs Bobbett does not think so, and when her husband disdained the turtle her own hands had made, and sat himself down to the ham-and-egg tea already mentioned, the irate lady bounced into the coffee shop and swept the dishes, the teapot and the cups to the floor. The only defence Mrs Bobbett set up was that she did not like her husband’s  preference for a coffee-shop cuisine when she rather prided herself on her own, but she steadfastly declined to pay for the damaged ware, even although Mr Allplush allowed the matter to stand over until he thought her temper had gone down. Mr De Rutzen, after hearing the whole story, ordered her to pay 26s.6d as damages and costs. But if Mr Bobbett has, after all, to disburse the amounts represented by his wife’s tantrums it may in the long run be cheaper to accept the domestic cookery and run the risk.

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