Saturday, May 24, 2014

O.D. on books!

This weeks books have got a bit out-of-hand - I seem to be reading 5 (and that's not counting the ones I'm dipping into). 
What you might call a pile up.
Wending my way through 'New York', just about finished 'Growing Your Family Tree', the other two family history books are interesting, 'Growing Old Outrageously' isn't as good as I thought. Must find time to carry on writing my own history. Staying in today as it's wet & windy up here.
 Ten seconds later the sun came out.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Well I thought I was bad reading two/three books at a time Angie, five, that's impressive! I am so looking forward to a day of reading tomorrow, I just hope that the stormy weather keeps up so I don't feel guilty about it :)

Ruth Kelly said...

Was that genealogy book helpful?

Kalpesh Ajugia said...


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