Thursday, May 01, 2014


After Breaky at Bibs  (I had scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach with sour dough), Terry helped with the framing of the piece 'Lepidoptera' that I am putting into the Wanneroo Art Award.
A collage of 95 + butterflies.
Didn't need lunch so I went to the lagoon to say farewell to the Surf Life Savers, Marshall & Aron. Strong currents, no one in the water.
Then it was on to the Library to help a few with their family history & pick up some books.
3 of the genealogy books are American with 1 British author. 
After that I went to Coastal Family Wellness where Alex gave me a good going over!
Back home to watch Eggheads & my evening meal of steamed veg with fetta cheese & almond spread, chives.


Mo said...

Your butterfly piece looks wonderful

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Good luck with the collage Angie, when is the show?