Saturday, August 08, 2009

A couple of birds in the sunshine eating & drinking.

And now a moan: Yesterday the person living at my old address gave me a BIG pile of mail. They knew where I lived (just up the same road). Included were 3 postcards (thank you BJ from Pittsburgh, Wendzefx from Jamaica & B& B while they were in Queensland), a birthday card + stamps from C&B in Spain, 2 Traffic Infringement Notices (ultimately costing me just over $1000 for fines etc!) 3 renewal & final demands from Insurance (luckily they had phoned me when due), 5 demands for payment on gas bottles (had sorted this out with ex landlord last year) & some begging letters. Needless to say I was very pi**ed off! I did have my post redirected for 6 months & was sure I had notified everyone but must have missed the important ones, I sure have paid for my mistake.


kyles said...

omg nice birds... now about that mail delivery...i would have gone ballistic, not like they couldn't see that it was obviously important mail...hhmmm.... hope it never happens to them, how horrible for you :(

Meggie said...

No matter how hard we try, we always seem to miss out on redirected mail. I have found calling round sometimes works- though some people just toss it. I am careful to redirect any mail I can.