Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009

Another year, no, another decade passes.
Be gone '09 (turn your sound up) (click here)

Took a trip into Perth today instead of going for a swim. I only needed to get some sunflower seeds from Kakulas - came back with *Dutch Cocoa Powder (just because it looked & smelt so good), *Blue Mountian Coffee beans, (same reason) *Nettle Leaves (for herb tea), *Alfalfa seeds (same reason) *Carraway seeds (for cake), *Amaranth (for some reason that I can't recall), *Sesame seeds ('cause I might run out soon), *Poppy seeds (for bread), *Linseed whole (same reason), *Fruit medley (for muesli), *Pepitas (for bread & muesli), *Dried Raspberries (for muesli) * Dates (to give me energy), * Black Beans (they did look nice!)and I did remember *Sunflower seeds (for bread & muesli).

Later - while the last day of 2009 disappears into the Lagoon,

the full moon (the big one, the others are lights )rises up the road.

and the answer to yesterdays photo is a simple case of Rocket, hanging up ready to gather all those seeds (to sow).


Stephanie V said...

Good for you! I'd have forgotten the one thing I went for with all those other delights to bring home.

The New year has truly started for you - we're still waiting. Hope it's a Happy 2010!

Poopsie aka Blue said...

That was quite a shopping trip!Happy New year to you.


Mountaingirl said...

Kakulas will do that to you .... every time lol. I am hoping to be able to drop in and go wild in a couple of weeks :-)

Ribbon said...

I would have never guessed rocket!

good trick :)

happy new year!

x ribbon

ps... i went to northbridge too :)