Saturday, December 19, 2009

Plotting for a food garden week 12

Woke up 3.30am , tossed & turned, dozed a bit, let Ebony out, let Ebony in, made coffee at 7am. In the Lagoon at 8.15 very low tide, cold water as clear as crystle, warm ocean flowing over reef. Breaky at 9.30 after giving the plants a bit of a sprinkle. Warm - hot with thunder around

Almost finished painting shoes (don't think I like this pair so much)
Lunch at 1pm, watched some TV (dozed off for 5mins)
Did some work on new computer (not giving me spell check as I write this blog!)
Lay down at 3pm (dozed off for 15mins)
Made two loaves of bread (between catnaps)

Off now to water B&Bs garden.

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Stephanie V said...

Your bread looks yummy, the shoes are so colorful and your garden is growing nicely. A productive day.