Sunday, December 27, 2009

Talking 'bout books & Blogs

Finished romping through 'Appassionata' by Jilly Cooper. I caught a brief glance of Andre Rieu as I was changing channels on TV. Oh yes can well imagine what might go on in that Orchestra!!!
Lots to read in the next few weeks & here is a book that could be interesting 'The Very Bloody History of Britain' by John Farman.

As for blogs have found some that I will return to
You Grow Girl
Victorias Backyard
Down on the Allotment
Veg Plotting

Brain Games

Very good reading
Violet Sky
Green Stone Woman
Mr London Street

Biscuit Encounters

Ice Warmth

Mail Art
A1 Mail art
Keith Bates
Frips Mailart

Fantastic Photographs
Pictures Just Pictures

Please don't forget to come back to me!


Stephanie V said...

Thanks for the list of interesting blogs. Love the one on biscuits!

VP said...

Happy New Year - thanks for the link love!

How about writing a guest post for Biscuit Encounters? That's how the blog works :)