Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Wednesday What's It

A chopped off hand resting in a shagpile carpet? No!!
I had my palm read the other day - all good! This little hand 3 1/2cm, I picked up in San Francisco.

My postbox today - thank goodness there was some REAL mail (fantastic slipper card from Pazzolina in France, a stunning sky photo card from Rebecca in USA & an envelope full of fantastic international stamps from Gabriele in Vancouver) 'cause the rest was JUNK!

Really enjoyed looking at these - hope you do (thanks Sam)

painting walls
Muppets song

When I go I want to go in one of these

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Stephanie V said...

I am envious! I have always wanted to have my palm read!
I compared your pile of junk to ours today - we got at least half of the pile in the daily newspaper - and we still came up short. A friend used to make paper out of her junk mail.

And, thanks for the link to flyingpigknits. I hadn't seen it before.