Saturday, October 31, 2009

Plotting for a food garden, week 5

Black Russian Tomato looking good with a few flowers on.

The Magic Square is getting greener with Mixed Lettuce, Mizuna, Mustard Red Giant, Kamatsuna Spinach & Cress all doing well. I spent a few hours this morning digging & sieving my old compost, getting the Rock Melon seeds out as they are coming up all over the place & will take over if I'm not careful, don't mind some but this is ridiculous! With the residue (including seeds) left I filled two buckets half full & topped up with water, covered with plastic & left to simmer, should make some good liquid manure, seeds will float to the top. Tomorrow I hope to transplant out peas which have been growing very well (except for one) in toilet rolls. Whether they will do much in this sand is another thing!

I've joined this web site Gardenersclick even though it's a UK based one.

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