Saturday, October 03, 2009

Plotting for a food garden.

While I was in Bunnings on Thursday to pick up the ‘Garden Vegetable Kit’ (treated pine, pre-drilled 1200 x 1200 x 310) to begin the ‘Magic Square Plot’, I also came home with a flat pack, black plastic compost bin. Today I set to & put it all together. The compost bin was reasonably easy, just bolted together (bit of back ache but no big deal), Then I transferred the top layers from my other compost bin into the new one.

So far so good. When it came to the veggie kit things were a bit tricky. I had to get the recycling bin & 2 bricks positioned to balance the wooden boards on so I could screw it all together. After a lot of puffing & panting I finally finished. I had to dig out more weeds to get it to fit (also found a pipe coming from the bathroom), pushed & lowered the box into the hole & sat back for a rest. It is going to take MUCH more soil/sand/compost/potting mix than I thought.

Went & had lunch & read more of ‘One Magic Square’ book.Then back outside & picked up the wet newspaper I had in the next patch & laid it on the bottom. Luckily I had been given a bale of hay (nicely matured) yesterday so I padded the inside & bottom of the box with the hay. Then I got buckets full of nice dark brown compost & threw that in. It still is not enough to plant anything so it was off to get a couple of bags of potting mix. These are still in the car & I am EXHAUSTED.I threw some more newspaper down on the next box patch,watered it & went in & made a pot of tea. Good job it’s a bad time to be putting seeds in, have to wait until the full moon gets smaller!


Stephanie V said...

What a lot of work that is. We've got 4 raised bed plots now. They're all sleeping for the winter except for the one where the garlic is planted.
Good luck with yours. Is the newspaper a mulch?

Sam said...

Phew! Well done. You are making me want to go out to Bunnings and get one of those, despite suffering from Ikea Syndrome.