Monday, October 26, 2009

Talking about Books, BUTLER bag & blog

Had another go at reading ‘The Secret Scripture’ by Sebastian Barry but just not the right book at this time. ‘Dear Fatty’ made me chuckle & get a few lumps in the throat, very enjoyable. At the library on Friday I just picked up ‘Whole Foods’ by Nicola Graimes to dip into & ‘A Tuesday Thing’ by Kate Shayler for a good read. It is the sequel to ‘The Long Way Home’ (which I suppose I should have read first) & I am liking it very much.
Now about BUTLER, bags & blog. This morning I had the most amazing email from a stranger I think I have ever had!

“Loved your article on the Butler family. I was recently clearing out loft when we came across a framed brown shopping bag. The bag shows a picture of the shop at 23 Union Street with a horse drawn carriage pulling up outside. The bag also has writing in pen on it saying Miss Evans 16 Charlotte Street Paid 23/4/96. So I wanted to know more on this gentleman and found your article.”

They have sent some scanned pics but they are through the glass so are not so clear. I ask myself why would anyone frame a carrier bag & who was Miss Evans who paid for shoes on the 23rd of April 1896? She was probably attended to by Katherine Hibberd who two months later married widower Alfred Henry Butler, my great-grandfather. Thank goodness for my blog, isn’t the internet a wonderful thing!

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