Saturday, October 24, 2009

Plotting for a food garden.

Week 4

Magic square under netting so it's not used as a toilet by Ebony (maybe keep the cabbage white from getting to the lettuce).

Black Russian tomato, planted 10 days ago. Bought from garden center.

Tomato plants given to me last week alongside Parsley, Rosemary,flowering Rocket & 4 snails (it had started to rain when I took this photo, must have encouraged them out for a slither or a bit of loving!). I see also Rock Melon (coming up wherever I have put my compost) doubt if they will fruit but you never know so I will leave some to do what they want.

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Stephanie V said...

You shoudl have some harvest soon. Isn't it great when the volunteers start to sprout. You never know what will grow out of compost!