Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Wednesday What's It

My What’s it today is the will of Samuel Harbroe written in 1871.
I was tied up most of yesterday & today with genealogy, emails flying from the UK to Oz. A connection with the Farman family on the Blake side was easy, helping each other with information.
Then I had an email about Margaret Harbroe from a ‘boring old fart’ (his words!) berating me about my lack of putting a ‘source’ with my information on a family tree, says it gets right up his nose!! After a few missiles we ended up getting on fine (providing I ‘see to my sourcing’). We seem to have quite a bit in common apart from family. Hope it all works out OK.

Even if you click on the image you will find it difficult to read. It doesn't say how much he left his daughter but on the other document I have it says Effects: under £3,000.......
That's English Pounds, folks!!

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