Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Great news just came through!!

Remember this ...................

Going, going, soon to be GONE
Wonderful news arrived in my email, from the Secretary Residents Association

"Hi All,
At last night's Council meeting, our Councillor, Laura Gray put forward a motion, seconded by our other Councillor, Norm Hewer, to have the whole of the aluminium structure of the Yanchep boardwalk removed completely.
I am very pleased to announce that this motion was carried unanimously, and we can now look forward to our pristine dunes at Yanchep being returned to their former glory.
I just wanted to add that I would like to thank all the Yanchep Residents for selecting option 2 and commenting on the aluminium, in the recent questionnaire. It was undoubtedly that result that lead the Council to make their tremendous decision to have the whole aluminium structure removed.
Although John Quigley's contribution cannot be overstated in getting this result, we should also give thanks to Emma Brennan of the North Coast Times / Weekender for all her support during this campaign.
When the Residents Association started it's campaign to have the Skybridge removed, many thought we were wasting our time, but this result is a clear indication that when we all pull together we can make a difference. Regards"


Stephanie V said...

Result!! Congratulations to you all for a fight well fought - and won!

Anonymous said...

Great result, Angie! Just goes to show that people power DOES work sometimes!