Saturday, April 24, 2010

Plotting for a Food Garden week 29 + Photo Hunt

Another bloody pathetic & boring photo of my square plot, in fact I've decided my blog is the same. So I may just give it a rest for a while, (after today).

The Saturday Photo Hunt theme is Addiction

Wikipedia "An addiction is a persistent behavioral pattern marked by physical and/or psychological dependency and tolerance that causes significant disruption and negatively impacts the quality of life of an organism." "Addictions are frequently linked to substance abuse, particularly psychoactive drugs such as narcotics, stimulants, and sedatives among others. It is common in coloquial English usage to extend the use of the term "addiction" to also encompass apparent compulsive behavior and passionate dedication to activities (such as hobbies) by analogy.

Unless I count the drugs obtained from my Doctor I have never been 'disrupted' by any stimulants. Whereas a 'passionate dedication to activities such as hobbies' I can admit to (as most of my friends would agree)! One of them being the collection of postcards.

Stamp P/Cs blu-tacked to the toilet door.

Shoe P/Cs blu-tacked to another door.
And hundreds in drawers...........

So I stopped.
I have other hobbies, such as family history, gardening, reading etc but I'm not going to bore you any more. Over & out!


whatshappeningatmyhouse said...

Your blog is definitely not boring. I really enjoy my daily visit to you, particularly in the long cold days of our winter when you post such gorgeous sunny pictures of Yanchep Lagoon and the beach. So if you do decide to have a break, please come back soon! x

Kcalpesh said...

Browsed through your blog! The content is'nt all that same through out :-)

Pixellicious Photos

JDeQ said...

That does appear to be a wee addiction. Isn't it funny how some harmless hobbies just seem to take over?

TorAa said...

Great Garden and healthy addictions

Marta said...

Not boring at all. Gardening is a good habit to have. Is it late in your area for a garden?

Stephanie V said...

At some time, I think all of us feel that our posts are just going in a circle of sameness.
I do enjoy visiting with you and I'm happy to visit whenever you set out the welcome mat.
And, it's true, that your warm lagoon reminds us northerners that there is a summer coming.

noel said...


i like your own interpretation of addiction, its always fun to have these types of hobbies, especially when they collect some value.

come and check out my addiction on my sari blog, come join if you feel inspired.

Carolina Victory said...

Postcards are so cool! I save lots of them but don't really have a collection. Love your take on the theme.

Thanks for visiting mine and have a great week.