Monday, April 05, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #63

Much fishing........

Much rubbish.........

And one Sting Ray (that big black blob in the water).

Luckily the lifesavers had moved the fisher people on.
The Lagoon should be made into a Nature reserve.

Everybody has more Yellow here.


Liza said...

Great shot! Can't wait to go to the beach. ")

Happy MYM!

Mommy's Little Corner

momgen said...

Wow it looks beautiful place to stroll. happy MYM!

Mine is here

Ann said...

you found that yellow button!

My friend in Perth said there was a hail storm. Did you get it?

Debbie said...

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday...wish I was on the beach right now!

Stephanie V said...

Lovely place to live. Did you pick up that button? I would have - such a sucker for buttons, me.