Monday, April 12, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #64

Bright YELLOW lockers at the rail station.

The dry has broken, a little bit of rain, just enough to dampen the seeds of Chinese Broccoli thrown in the plot this morning.
Yesterday was warm, last swim at 2pm, washing all dry, back for a cuppa & a read - nice.

Mellow Yellow Monday .

Today - full of hay (?) fever, again. Not nice.


Loui said...

Hi Angie..
thanks for stopping by..
Australia is on my someday to do list..So far, all the neat bloggers I've met from there make me think SOONER rather than later!!
Love your blog!
Visit anytime!
warmest hugs..laughing smiles..

Vernz said...

Hi, I thought they were confession rooms ... great capture!

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