Sunday, April 11, 2010

Talking 'bout Books & Shadow Shot Sunday

Having finished (and surprisingly enjoyed) 'Adam and Eve and Pinch Me' by Ruth Rendell, I have immersed myself in 'Morgan's Run' by Colleen McCullough. Reading about Bristol, England in the late 1700s where one of my ancestors was born, the same streets, occupations and everyday living - most interesting. Big, thick book of 600 pages to enjoy sitting in the shadows of the sheoak (casuarina).

There are some wonderful shots of shadows here. Thanks Harriet


fini said...

nothing can beat this, really! a good book and great weather :) heaven!

siromade08 said...

How relaxing it is to sit and read a book under the tree. Glad to know your enjoying.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well, that looks like perfect peace; reading in the shadows. I've read Colleen McCullough's Tim and loved it. How I wish I had more time. One day I will, I know, just like you and I will be able to read and garden and blog. You're peaceful life is inspiring!

wanderlust said...

A lovely place to sit with a book for an afternoon!

Stephanie V said...

Those big fat books with epic stories...oh, yes. Perfect for lazy days of reading. And what a perfectly peaceful spot to read in.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

come to the shade tree,
favourite book is waiting,
lush plants to soothe you

Your choice of shadows:
Stony Shadows
Deluge of darkness

Johnny Nutcase said...

that spot looks like the perfect place to sit down and read...comfy!