Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today's Flowers #88

All wrapped up, $10 bunch
why do they put $9.99 when we don't have any one cent coins anymore!

Lots more Flowers from Today here.

The old man is snoring - what a pretty pattern.


jabblog said...

I love to wander amongst bunches of flowers and take in their scent.
I agree about the pricing - who do they think they're fooling?

Stephanie V said...

Oh, I do like that raindrop photo. Very nice.
I have always thought that those 'trick' prices were wrong. Not having pennies would be a good thing, I think. But then, everyone would have to get the memo.

Denise said...

One of my favorite pastimes too. Only an hour ago I was at the store looking at flowers such as there. Lovely images, thanks for sharing them.

Louise said...

... to make you think you've got a bargain! We ought to do away with our pennies and tuppences, they are such a nuisance. Is that rain on the slabs? It's a great photo! x