Saturday, November 07, 2009

Plotting for a food garden, week 6

The lettuce may need transplanting, the Spinach, Mizuna, Red Gaint Mustard & Cress are being eaten! So am I.
So here we have - The Good - a ladybird I put on some Chinese Broccoli (too late, too late she cried, gotta go see to my house!)

A praying mantis on lavender (gee I'm feeling sleepy)

A skink sunning itself (think I'll just stay here)

The Bad - a caterpillar on mint (munch, munch, munch)

the Mother - a Cabbage White (doing well, son)

& the little house of the fairy. (it wasn't us made all those holes)


Stephanie V said...

Great walk through your garden...I enjoyed your story. I didn't know that mint was tasty to anyone but grown-up humans!

TheCrone said...

Nice blog Angie!