Friday, November 27, 2009

Skywatch Friday (Season 4 Episode 20)

The Yanchep boardwalk, now called 'sky bridge' erected by the City of Wanneroo to the disgust of many local residents is in the news again - one more protest - it is officially illegal.

This is what we wanted, a meandering path through the dunes.

This is what we got, a steel structure that is a blinding blot on the beautiful landscape of Yanchep.

As you can see it is overlooking houses, completely spoiling their view.

Not a big turn out of protesters, but those that came are dedicated.

More info here.


Quilt Works said...

I like the meanigfull path! I hope the protest will get some results!

... Birds and Rainbow

Dirkjogt said...

Good to protest against such thing. But I don't think they will change anything, a pitty.

Stephanie V said...

That steel bridge is not very pretty, is it? But it sure looks permanent. Typical of the powers-that-be to have a need for a superstructure.
Hope it can be taken down and used somewhere more appropriate. And a path through the dunes produced as wanted.

eileeninmd said...

Certainly not a pretty thing is it? I could a pretty path or a low boardwalk to protect the dunes.

Vicky said...

Nice photo, I like the first one more. Thanks for sharing