Saturday, November 21, 2009

Plotting for a food garden, week 8

The square looking green & healthy. As the seeds of the Spring Onions didn't come up I got some seedlings from the garden part of Bunnings along with a Strawberry plant (put in hanging basket) & replaced the Cress with seedlings of Beetroot Mix (labeled from 'Diggers Club Heirloom').

Phone books are keeping the water in & squash are doing well in the toilet rolls. Planted Lemon Grass & Lemon Verbena along side of the fig tree & tomatoes.

P.S. Sunday morning - After not much sleep (about 4 hours + some sort of cat naps) I decided what I wanted to do with the other square, the one I had filled with straw. Move the polystyrene boxes from the courtyard, add a large polystyrene box for the middle & put a plastic basket in the middle of that. I tucked straw down the sides to help with insulation. Now I just have to decide what shallow rooted plants to put in the partitions. Seed more lettuce? Herbs? Flowers?

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Stephanie V said...

That polystyrene makes really nice patterns for the planter. Interesting recycling strategy. I think I'd plant more lettuce - can't have too much.